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Smoking Temperatures of Meat

11/2/15 9:52 AM

Smoking meat is an extremely popular way of cooking meat all over the world. There are several different kinds of meats and different ways that meat can be smoked. When smoking meat, the most important factor for every kind of meat is temperature. The temperatures and times need to be precise to ensure that the meat is not only adequately done, but that it is the best it can be.

When cooking meat, temperature should always be used to tell if something is done, not time. Many cooks make the mistake of thinking if something has been smoking for the recommended time then it is done, when in fact the internal temperature of the meat is the true indicator. Because this is so important, data loggers with a probe are recommended to get the exact temperature of the inside of the meat while smoking. Data loggers such as MadgeTech’s RFOT can be placed inside the meat before the smoking process begins and can be left throughout the entire process, giving constant temperature of the meat while it smokes, and letting you know when meat is truly done, due to its wireless capabilities.

With the internal temperature being so important, it is essential to monitor this temperature as well as any fluctuations. Each meat has its own temperature requirements for smoking, For example, a whole chicken is smoked at 250 °F for 4 hours, with a finishing internal temperature must be 165 °F, but when smoking breakfast sausage the temperature is 230 °F for 3 hours and the finishing temperature must be 160 °F.

Check out the chart below to see more smoking times and temperatures for different meats. 

MadgeTech offers several solutions for smoking meat at the correct temperatures, such at the RFOT. This rugged data logger can withstand the harsh conditions within the smokehouse, while continually transmitting data back to a computer for real time monitoring.

The RFOT can also be connected to the MadgeTech Cloud, allowing data to be viewed from any internet enabled device. Because smoke cycles tend to be hours long, being able to monitor in real time from anywhere.

Choosing the right data logger for you meat can be very important, to learn more about the meat and smokehouse data loggers MadgeTech offer click here.

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